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Over the last 3 years we have carried out over 15 major construction and building refurbishment projects for hotels, manufacturing business, orphanages and government schools.

We provide expertise in all aspects of a construction project from the initial site survey to installing building services.

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Project Profiles

Hagar On-Time! Apparel Manufacturer

Sadiq converted a former food factory into an apparel manufacturing facility and offices for the Hagar On-Time! social enterprise.

This major five month project involved remodeling the building to create sewing, storage and office working spaces, and installation of plumbing, electrical and telecommunications services.

Read the full project outline.

Electrical Wiring For House and Grounds

Sadiq provided electrical wiring for the house and grounds including security lighting and the installation of motion detectors at the property boundaries.

Preah Dak Primary School, Siem Reap.

At the end of 2005, consultation with the school authorities began for a concrete building with steel roof and red-tile flooring measuring 15 x 30M on an empty plot in Preah Dak, Siem Reap.

A survey was then conducted and plans were drawn on how to use the school’s and Sadiq’s resources in the most efficient and productive way.

Sadiq's 9 technical staff and workers workers were able to finish the project within four months, which was the specified time by the client.

construction project consultation & management

Free initial consultation

  • Discuss with client the vision and objectives of the project and review project management and construction options


  • Project on-site survey: evaluate present condition and requirements, analyze needs, suggest methods, systems and concepts, etc
  • Provide project cost estimate: construction, mechanical, electrical and plumbing, etc. – considering input from client, suggest the most efficient construction methods, ways to control and monitor costs)
  • Provide schedule of project according to client specification


  • Acquisition of materials
  • Prepare site thoroughly
  • Regular and continuous evaluation and monitoring during on-site work
  • Regular reporting of progress and ongoing activities


  • Guarantee
  • After-care

Building/Home Renovations and Repairs

  • Consultation, planning and quotation
  • Roof and ceiling (leakage prevention, sealing)
  • Floors and tiles
  • Door and windows
  • Inside and Outside Painting
  • Masonry

Electrical Work

  • Services and maintenance work to international standards
  • Inspections
  • Consultancy, planning, and quotation
  • Industrial equipment repair, service and maintenance.
  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Masonry
    • Domestic wiring installation (single or 3-phase)
    • Industrial wiring installation (high voltage, 3-phase)
    • Phase balancing
    • Earthing/grounding system
    • Networking System
  • Lighting System
  • Lightning protection system
  • Security/fire alarm system (Home or industrial)

Air conditioning

  • Consultancy, planning, and quotation
  • Unit Installation
  • Maintenance and repair

Plumbing work

  • Consultancy, planning and quotation
  • Domestic and Industrial plumbing installation
  • Water Tank installation and cleaning
  • Water Tank automatic switch installation
  • Water Treatment
  • Hot and cool water installation
  • Water Tank service and repair


  • Industrial equipment installation and repair
  • Sound system installation and operation
  • Maintenance service and repair